NOVIN SAZAN Industrial Group (NSIG): At a glance

NSIG with more than a decade activity in the field of resistance welding engineering and as the biggest designer and manufacturer of resistance welding machine tools, relevant equipment and automation, is pioneered in Iran.
The human power of group is comprised of the two – hundred efficient persons who one hundred of them are expert with bachelor and higher degrees in the form of solution system.
The Automation industry, Construction industry, Steel industry, HVAC industry and Home Appliances are the main fields and key customers in the welding engineering activities of NSIG.
Designing and manufacturing of automatic welding machines and equipment of production and conveying lines along with supply and produce many spare and consumption parts as well as repair and maintenance services of welding machines are the vast majority of NSIG's activities

NSIG has executed the various projects in the above given fields which some of them are listed below:

-Designing and manufacturing resistance welding machines and relevant equipment in the body lines such as gun, robot gun auto-gun, jig and fixture.
-Designing and manufacturing pedestal welding machines including seam welding, press welding, sport welding in different kinds and sizes.
-Designing and manufacturing machine tools and relevant equipment related to tanks and fuel conveying lines such as industrial clamps and full automatic bugs.
-Designing and manufacturing of Lattice girder automatic welding machines in various types.
-Designing and manufacturing automatic Mesh welding machines in various diameters.
-Designing and manufacturing of control and power units of welding machines as well as control rooms with net ability (DCS) & (PLC).
-Collection and supply welding procedure specification (W.P.S.) for the kinds of welding operation in accordance with international standards.
-Designing, manufacturing and supply the spare and consumption parts of welding machine tools and relevant equipment accompany with technical documentation.
-Execution of Engineering services such as installation, operation as well as repair and maintenance machine tools of production lines.
-Execution of contractor services in the field of welding operation of oil, gas pipelines.
-Professional education course and training of proficient welder and issue certificate of completion for the course are the other activities of group.

NISG is comprised of the six independent companies in different fields, which below listed: 

Novin Sazan Setareh Sanat Company:
Designer and manufacturer of oil, gas automatic welding machine tools of pipelines and tanks 

Novin Sazan Tehran Company:

In the field of designing and manufacturing resistance welding machine & Equipment. 

-Stationary (Spot Welding- Seam Welding and Projection Welding)
-Automatic and manual spot Welding Machines.
-Controller systems net and control units of resistance welding machines.
-The different kinds of transformer (15KVA-250KVA) Acc. With ISO5826 and ISO10656.
-The different kinds of pneumatic jack Acc. With ISO6210 and ISO7285
Novin Pardazan Ghate Company:
Manufacturer and supplier of spare and consumption parts.

Novin Net Faragir, Engineering Services Company:
Repair, maintenance and services after sales are the main mission of Faragir in Group.

NSIG Mission
The mission of Group as one the pioneer industrial organization is as a successful pattern has been accompanying by self-reliant and the promotion of industry as the eminent purpose.
The activities of Group are focused the attention on production of knowledge and entrance to superior technology fields.
Manufacturing and execution of engineering services are the basic potency of NSIG that productions and services to be provided with best quality to industrial society and with excellent function catch customer satisfaction.
Obligation and commitment to the moral principles and earning of legitimate profit are as a valuable insight for stockholders.
Ultimately, Group as a worth aimed promotion and development of employees, growth and enrichment of scientific, moral and economic abilities and creation a lively pleasant working place.
The Group's with taking into consideration a health competition, adherence to the global updated current standards and following to the regional and global opportunities promotes and develops its markets.
The total solution and technical consultant are the most noticeable advantages in order to be improved the method of activities, which our customers are involved.
Group emphasizes having a deep and close relation with scientific centers, universities and productive job creation.

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